August 15, 2014

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SORELLA Couture was created with a strong, feminine women in mind.
Designed by Irish sisters Giolliosa and Natalie Fuller. This styling team SisterStyling have combined their love of natural landscapes with their passion for city living, creating a unique collection that can transform career-driven women effortlessly from day to night. Mirroring their sisterly dynamic - opposing forces are the core of this distilled yet distinctive line. Androgynous tailoring is cut with decadent fabrics, soft textures line strong angles, and bohemian prints lie on city-chic silhouettes. Well, opposites do attract after all.
After working the London style scene for several years - the pair are now based in Los Angeles the place they call home. All the designing, buying and making takes place locally in their light, airy, west coast studio - with their three adorable dogs occasionally offering creative input.
With the flawless fusion of both functionality and flair, SORELLA is a chic uniform for professional yet passionate women who want to work, live and play in their clothes.


Born in Ireland, we have lived in, worked in and visited a number of countries around the world and we love to draw upon our travels for design inspiration. Whether it's the architecture, interior, street style or atmosphere of a particular place - visiting somewhere new generates so many creative ideas. Today we are feeling particularly inspired by Los Angeles (the city we now call home) and all of its colors! Enjoy...

Natalie Fuller
Natalie Fuller